My philosophy

I’m delighted to give students an opportunity to study on this top-class Steinway “O model” piano. I would have loved to have played on such an instrument when I was young.

I want children to become enchanted with music. I want them to love it and to turn to it for solace and refreshment throughout their lives. The vibrancy and optimism of youth should be nurtured and never stifled by the cynicism of the old of heart.

The word education comes from the Latin educare, to draw or to lead out. When teaching, we must always strive to draw the very best from the student by instructing with competence, patience and always, with encouragement.

“Why would you let kids bash away on such an instrument?” I’ve heard this more than once. As if it were too lofty an instrument for a task so banal as teaching children. This is a dreadful attitude. My students will never “bash away” at anything but rather they will learn, from the outset, correct posture and technique at the instrument.

We see preserved in museums instruments that the great masters played and learned on. “Oh look, that’s Mozart’s instrument. Wow!”

Who knows but a soon to be great composer might quietly enter my studio in the form of a humble child. Even that, however, is not the main thing. We should see in every child a preciousness and greatness that is uniquely their own.

I truly believe that most people vastly underestimate their true potential. Music can be a fantastic life-long gift for any child and indeed any grown-up child!

Book your lessons now and I will guide you through the joyous world of great piano music. I guarantee a top class education in piano technique and musical development.

Charles Byrne BA Mus.