Some Frequently Asked Questions!

1. How long are lessons?
Lessons are 30 minutes

Why? I don’t think that any less is good for either the student or the teacher. There is a good deal of musical theory and ear training to be covered in the proper study of any musical instrument; which ends up not getting done if the lesson is shorter than this. The whole concept of rushing is lethal to good musicianship – a shorter lesson than 30-minutes easily provokes haste and anxiety – things that we really want to avoid.

2. How frequent are lessons?
Lessons are generally once a week with the option of just once every second week, if financial considerations so demand. I will manage pupils in a careful and considerate manner so that the momentum of their progress is constantly maintained.

ellie_on_steinway_crop3. How much do lessons cost?

I am now offering 25% off if you book per term. That’s €120 for a term of eight 30-minute lessons. Alternatively you can pay as you go for €20 per lesson.

Why this price? Only a limited number of pupils will be taken. This is not an assembly line operation. There will be a 15-minute grace period between lessons giving the parent or student a chance to ask further questions and allowing the teacher to properly prepare for the next lesson so that they get the care attention that they deserve. Lessons are given on a beautiful Steinway grand piano, which will be carefully maintained and tuned. This fine piano will encourage students to express themselves musically and it will aid their technique since it is as close in action and tone to a full-size concert grand as they are ever likely to find.

Will I need to buy books?
Beginners don’t need to buy anything as I have designed my own tailored method which students will get for free. I will give all students a vast range of out-of-copyright pieces for them to study. The only book that they will really need to buy is the Graded Exam Book if they are sitting examinations.

The vast majority of music in the general piano repertoire is out of copyright. Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, etc., can all be downloaded for free. I will print music on demand as the needs of the individual student dictates. The idea is to immerse the student in reading material so that they will become as fluent as possible. It is a good idea to build up a library of good editions of great music but really this is something that can be done as the musician matures.